Sep 202013

Thank you for submitting to the second Svetlana Marisova Memorial Kukai. We received 21 entries to the chosen theme “at-one-ment”.

The call for votes and a copy of the list will also be published on Svetlana’s blog at

Please send your votes to:
Only poets who have submitted poems are eligible to participate in the voting. Each voting poet has a total of six (6) points to be awarded to the entered haiku that they most admire. As no more than 3 points may be cast for any single poem voters will be choosing a minimum of 2 poems and a maximum of 6. So choose carefully from among the submitted poems for the ones that best exemplify clarity, concision, depth and expression of the theme. Poets are requested not to vote for their own poems.

Please use the following example format to submit your votes:
#3—1 pt
#27–3 pts
#31–1 pt
#45–1 pt

List by the numerical order of the poems, not by personal preference. And please be sure to sign your votes.

Deadline for voting will be September 28.

The organisers will attempt to tally all the valid votes and announce the results by email to participants and on within a few days from the 28th.

Copyright: Each poem entered in this kukai is copyrighted by the attributed poet. The organisers makes no claim to the poem for copyright purposes and acknowledge that the poem appears at the courtesy of the author.

Here are the entries for “at-one-ment”:

alone in a crowd
even the doves silent
even the lilies

spider spinning…
the intricate patterns of
life’s question

a black point
expands from the horizon-
camel caravan

day of fasting…
between the mosque and temple
an olive tree

old asylum —
a broken cry comes
from the moon

golden leaves in fall
there is no pun-ish-meant
splendid autumn… of life

heat wave –
doves dip in each other’s

falling leaves—
the ache
for oneness

sparrow bones
the willow still
echoing . . .

a mountain of stars –
the neverending reach
of forgiveness

autumn moon –
embers glowing to ashes
to dust

in the space
between words . . .

first notes
of the mockingbird’s song…
high holy days

traveling light
a soul enters the river
of heaven

lip by lip
around a fire circle …
the glowing moon

river dam-
the water before
and after

third eye opens
on our walks
dog star

first drought—
I make an altar
of this tree stump

autumn rain
I spend the day
with my inner child

I churn and make
drawings in the sesame paste–
Buddha smiles…

an abundant star
soul dusting a universe
filled with itself

Thank you for participating and good luck,

Hansha & Ted

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  1. Haiku # 7 – 2 votes

    Haiku #12 – 2 votes

    Haiku #21 – 2 votes

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